New Features and Improvements - September 2023

We are excited to unveil a suite of new features and enhancements on our platform, with a particular emphasis on optimizing your operations and boosting the artificial intelligence capabilities of our platform. These updates underscore our dedication to continually refining our platform based on your feedback and evolving needs.

New Call Transcription & Summary

Introducing our innovative call transcription feature that transforms all your calls into easily searchable text, eliminating the need to sift through extensive call recordings. With this feature, you can set up custom keyword alerts, receiving instant notifications when specific words or phrases are mentioned during a call.

As part of our ongoing enhancements, we've also introduced the Call Summary feature, offering a concise one-paragraph overview of your calls for efficient comprehension. This is complemented by a detailed transcription page, presenting the full call transcript in a threaded view, significantly elevating the overall quality assurance experience.

New Sentiment Analysis

We present the Sentiment Analysis feature, part of our focus on integrating artificial intelligence functionalities into our platform. The Sentiment Analysis feature provides you with the overall sentiment of the interactions between your team and customers. 

New Chatbot Powered by Artificial Intelligence

We introduced an AI conversational chatbot, powered by Large Language Model (LLM). This groundbreaking chatbot revolutionizes customer engagement by overcoming language barriers and facilitating effective communication in less-represented languages like Arabic. Enhance your team's efficiency using our chatbot's ability to manage a multitude of queries without the need for decision tree design. Give it a shot here.

New Auto-Tagging of Calls 

If you're utilizing our call tagging feature, you will undoubtedly have an elevated experience with our new Auto-tagging feature. This functionality ensures that your calls are automatically tagged and categorized using predefined tags, thereby enhancing consistency in call tagging and improving your team's efficiency.

New iOS Application

Launching our innovative iOS app that brings the Maqsam experience on the go! Elevate your productivity with our iOS App - your essential tool for a dynamic work environment.

New Hang-up Direction

Admins can now easily check if their agents ended a call using the Hang-up Direction feature. On the Call Log page, calls concluded by your agents are marked with a red call icon making identification easier.

New Introducing Maqsam's Help Center

Discover our recently launched Help Center at, meticulously crafted to equip you with comprehensive information about our platform, and its usage. Within our Help Center, you'll access a wealth of informative resources tailored to address your team’s inquiries and offer the assistance you need.

New Sending Bulk SMS Messages on Portal

We've introduced a significant improvement to our SMS messaging capabilities, allowing you to send bulk messages directly within our platform.