New Features and Improvements - February 2023

At Maqsam, we value our customers’ opinions and suggestions, which are an integral part of our product development. We are thrilled to announce the launch of several essential new features based on their feedback.

Introducing WhatsApp Bulk Messaging

Mass communication is critical for any business, be it marketing campaigns or general announcements. With our new feature, you can create and send WhatsApp bulk messages to a specific list of customers or phone numbers.

Pay Now - Convenient Payment Options

You can now settle outstanding balances or add credits to your account balance effortlessly using any of your preferred payment methods on the settings page. Our system will securely deduct the amount, enabling you to continue using Maqsam without any interruptions.

Revolutionary Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

We have achieved a remarkable level of precision with our new language models, which have surpassed those of Google, Microsoft, and other regional competitors.
you can try our new ASR tool today by visiting the demo page

New Features and Improvements - December 2022

We are happy to announce the release of several important features that our team has been working on for a while after listening to your feedback. Those features will help you elevate your business and improve your daily operations. 

Internal calls 

If your company has a lot of internal communications, our internal calls feature will help your agents and employees to call each other across borders with ease and free of charge.


Extensions are essential for any business communication system, now with Maqsam flexible extensions you can easily manage your users' extensions and they will be updated instantaneously on your IVR.

SMS through the web

Messages are still an integral part of our life. Stay connected with your customers using Maqsam short messaging services. Customers have been using our SMS API for a long time now, and we have just released the ability for our customers to send pre-defined templated messages to their users through the web in a seamless and frictionless way.

After Call Work

It is important for agents to have time to do any follow-up work related to their calls such as ticket creation, call logging, and sending out an email to keep the interaction properly documented. Our After Call Work (ACW) feature will allow your Administrators to configure it the way it suits your business your agents will have the needed time to finalize any call-related matters without worrying about missing a new call. 

Better phonebook import

It is easier than ever to import your whole phonebook and contacts to Maqsam. Now you can upload names in batches and manage them in your account.

Better dialer notification

We now give more insight to agents about call status. Agents can see notifications inside the dialer if the call failed or if the number is busy or blocked.

Agent bulk edit

Admins can edit multiple users and agents at once, using our new bulk edit function. Admin can enable and disable inbound and outbound call features for all users at once.

Reach out to our team at [email protected] to learn more about those features and how you and your team can benefit from them.

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New Features and Improvements - August 2022

New  Call Transcription Feature

Going through and listening to hundreds of calls looking for a particular keyword can be time-consuming. To help our customers, Maqsam has introduced a new transcription feature that converts call voice recordings into searchable text and sentences. On top of that, admins can set up alerts to be triggered in the presence of a specific keyword that has been spoken during a call.

If you wish to learn more about the benefits of this feature, please get in touch with our Customer Success team at [email protected].

New  Call and Recording Timeline

Sometimes calls can be transferred between agents, which makes it hard to track the call timeline, so a new call timeline table has been added to the call page to help admins figure out the interaction between customers and agents in chronological order. 

New Campaigns Improvements

Campaigns are an essential part of any call center. To allow for more flexibility, we now offer more control over the campaign settings; admins can edit already existing campaigns. Also, a new set of data cards were introduced to help you get the latest stats about your campaigns.

Improvement Default Language Setting

Maqsam was designed from day zero to support the Arabic language and to help our customers and agents we now save your default language setting so that even if you open Maqsam from a different device, you will always be served by the language you have chosen. The default language can be set on a per-user basis from the Settings page.

Multiple New Features and Improvements

New New Integrations Added

We are growing our integration collection, recently our team have worked on adding two new integrations; Salesloft and Pipedrive. Salesloft is a sales engagement platform and Pipedrive is widely used CRM. We are continuously working to add more integrations to our collection, you can always check our integrations page to learn about our integrations.

New Tel Links Support

We have added Tel Links support now, you can use Maqsam's dialer as your preferred dialer and use it with telephone links on the web to call any number you see. You can enable it directly from your Account Settings

New WhatsApp Voice Recording Support

Voice recording is part of our daily life nowadays, and to keep up with the market demand; we are introducing voice recording to our WhatsApp feature; your agents can interact with your customers using voice recordings easily. Are you using our Whatsapp feature? If not, please reach out to our Customer Success team to start using it!

New Revamped Billing Section, Access Invoices, and Statement

We have revamped our Billing section and added more data to it. Now you will be able to view and download all of your invoices in addition to viewing and downloading your account statement at any time. We have also introduced an option for you to be alerted whenever any of your agents are added or removed.

New Call Numbers from Calls Page Directly

To make your agents' lives easier, they can now click to call any number on the Calls page instead of copying and pasting it manually into the dialer.

Improvement  Better Filtration and Export Experience

We have been improving the filter and export experience in Maqsam; the newly introduced experience will allow you to do more with filter and export. You have the ability to export your Maqsam's data and use it anywhere. 

IMPROVEMENT Improved User Association

We have improved how you associate your CRM or Helpdesk users with your Maqsam users, you will now be able to automatically associate them with one click only instead of having to go through them one by one.

Improvement Notify Conference Parties Before it Ends 

Our Conferencing API now allows you to play any custom audio file for both parties of the conference when before reaching the set timeout duration of the conference. Check our API Suite to learn more about our APIs.

Check Your Account Usage

Maqsam Admins now have access to our new usage section under the billing settings. An estimate of how much is your consumption will be visible, in addition to a breakdown of your costs so far. You will also have the ability to set up email alerts when reaching a particular amount to help you better manage your monthly spending. 

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